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Multi-Family DSCR Program Logo

iQ Mortgage is now offering a unique 2-8 Unit Mixed DSCR program. This specialized loan allows borrowers to separate their business and personal affairs. While debt-service coverage ratio (DSCR) loans require slightly higher down payments and mortgage rates, compared to other loan products. They allow financing of 2-3 residential units with no more than 1 commercial unit, 4-5 residential units with no more than 2 commercial units, or 6-8 residential units with no more than 3 commercial units.

Who Benefits?

This DSCR loan is ideal for real estate investors who are looking for alternative ways to fund their projects. It also provides the flexibility of separating business and personal affairs, and it doesn’t require as much research into the borrower’s personal records. Our team of expert loan officers will help guide you through the loan process while providing support and guidance.

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