Eric Madden

Eric Madden

Loan Officer
Branch 229

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About Eric Madden

Eric joins iQ Mortgage with 10+ years in the Mortgage & Realty Industry. He is excited to be here as he is reuniting, with his Branch Manager that gave him his first opportunity as a mortgage loan originator. He learned early on hard work would be paramount to a successful path in life. Eric got his first exposure to real estate in his late teens while working with his uncle, a general contractor building custom homes. The attention to detail and the labor intensiveness he learned has served him well throughout his career. Being in the mortgage industry allows him to utilize his love for numbers, acumen for sales and diligence with paperwork that led him to the mortgage profession. In 2000 Eric began serving as a mortgage loan officer for a direct lender. This enabled him to get a valuable insight into the segment of the real estate transaction that could be difficult to navigate for buyers and sellers. Eric has over 30 years of experience in customer service, sales, sales training and negotiations. This helps him bring maximum value and service to his clients.

About Castle Mortgage

Castle Mortgage Corporation, which was incorporated in 1986, is an independent private mortgage company that originates mortgage loans throughout the United States. Castle is licensed to originate in 47 states and the District of Columbia and maintains the following Federal agency approvals: Fannie Mae Selle-Servicer, Freddie Mac Seller-Servicer, GNMA issuer, FHA-HUD Approved Mortgagee, USDA, and Veterans Administration.