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iQ Mortgage offers a special loan for investors who are looking to purchase a short-term rental property. Our Short-Term Rental Property DSCR program, allows applicants to qualify with only their short-term rental income. This can be from services such as AirBnB, VRBO, or FlipKey. iQ Mortgage has taken this even further by allowing qualifying income with AIRDNA Rentalizer, for purchase transactions only. Unlike traditional loans, it does not require personal income for an applicant to be approved. In addition, this loan covers single family homes (SFRs), condos, and 2-4 units–even condotels.

Who Benefits?

This loan is ideal for investors wanting to purchase rental properties without needing to provide personal income. This helps make investment opportunities available to self-employed borrowers, those with multiple mortgages, or anyone looking to build their portfolio. This program also offers loans with lower interest rates and higher approval amounts. Investors will benefit by growing their portfolios with limited risk and lenders benefit by bringing financial stability to an array of real estate deals. With iQ Mortgage, you will have access to a wide range of funding options so you can invest with confidence!

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